The production of electricity in photovoltaic plants depends on the degree of illumination. At night, even in the absence of sunlight, electricity can be generated from various light sources such as street lights or the moon, but the output is very small. During fog, electricity is also produced, but again in negligible amounts.

If the solar panels become dirty, they can be cleaned with distilled water and a soft microfiber cloth. It is not recommended to clean the hot panels under the sun. It is not necessary to clean the panels from the layer of snow because, in a short time, they will be covered with snow again. As a rule, the panel needs to be cleaned at most once a year.)

A 1kW photovoltaic plant occupies an average of 5-7 square meters. In the case of large plants, a certain distance between rows of photovoltaic panels is also planned, which should also be taken into account when choosing an area.

The work depends on the volume, the period is approximately 10-15 days

Actually, solar plants are absolutely safe, but they are electrical after all, and to avoid problems arising from outages, it is recommended that the plant be completely switched off.

No, it doesn’t require, the only process is to change the normal meter, which is simply replaced by a two-way meter.