About Us ☀ SOLARON
Profpanel LLC was founded in 2012, but started its activities in the production of solar panels in 2016. 
About Us ☀ SOLARON
Our manufacturing process
Our manufacturing process
  • Our company is the first manufacturer of solar panels in Armenia, which annual production capacity reaches about 60 megawatt.
  • Brand ‘’Solaron’’ is a registered trademark for products manufactured by Profpanel. In Profpanel Company merged team of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in business organization from scratch.
  • We believe that renewable energy resources can improve the quality of our lives and promote sustainable development in our country. Renewable energy systems are practical, reliable, productive for people and for the environment.
  • Our manufacturing process corresponds to the international standards, which allows us to adapt to customer requirements by offering high-quality products. The assortment consists of monocrystalline, polycrystalline and perc type modules that stand out for their quality, reliability and warranty.
  • Profpanel LLC provides services to individuals and legal entities, as well as ready to cooperate with those companies who are engaged in the installation of solar panels. Moreover, the company intends to create dealer network in Armenia consisting of startup companies, specialized in the installation and connection of solar panels.
  • 60 MW
    Annual production
  • 5
    years on the market
  • 987
Our goals
  • Public Access
    The production of solar panels affordable to the general public
  • Power Save System
    The creating of a distributed power save system in Armenia by involving the general public in the process of electricity production
  • The idea of solar
    The popularization of the idea of solar energy in Armenia
  • Competence center
    The formation of competence center in the field of photovoltaic in Armenia
  • Solaron trademark
    Profpanel LLC with the trademark Solaron intends to become the first Armenian company of mass production of photovoltaic solar panels. In this project, we have established long-term partnerships with organizations and with research centers in the EU and in China.
  • Implementation of this program
    In general, we believe that implementation of this program can contribute to the energy independence of Armenia and will give a good impetus to the involvement of the country’s scientific staff in the rapidly developing field of science – photovoltaic.
Design and calculation of solar Systems
Design and calculation of solar Systems
The important guarantees for the effective implementation of solar systems are accurate calculation and the preparation of projects. Our team of highly qualified professionals is ready to assist you in designing your solar plants. All these are made according to the customer’s individual needs, after analyzing its characteristics and as a result the most beneficial solution is selected.
The installation and operation of solar systems
The installation and operation of solar systems
Based on personal experience and the experience of our partners, we provide high-quality support for all stages of installation and operation of solar system. All these happen in a short time by highly qualified professionals. If necessary, our engineers can visit the destination where the system will be installed to ensure that all the equipments and component elements installed and operating ideally to be sure that the customer is fully satisfied with the final outcome and the system has been running smoothly.
The company provides ten- year warranty for the produced panels, which have a lifetime of 25 years. Over 10 years, we are ready to replace them with completely new ones, if the loss exceeds the accepted standard.
Advisory Services
Advisory Services
We are always ready to assist our customers, to provide with required information and advice on our products and the production, serving not only before the sale, but also after the sale. Please send us your questions and we will offer you the best solution.
Organizing trainings
Organizing trainings
We organize training courses for our partners on trends in renewable energy, solar energy, and improvement of technical processes and so on, adapting the course content to the needs of the specific target group. The course is not limited with provision of theoretical materials, practical work is also included. The training is organized by professional experts, if necessary involving specialists.
Providing information on funding sources
Providing information on funding sources
Profpanel LLC closely works with financial institutions and banks operating in Armenia. Our financial experts have developed and offer a range of tools to reduce customers’ capital expenditures, expenses through the use of effective leasing schemes with a competitive interest rate, and we will find the most efficient solution for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation of solar panels is done in one day by top professionals.

In the current conditions, almost everyone has the opportunity to install a solar plant, which can reduce the annual electricity costs to 0. Solar plants have a payback period of 3-5 years, that is, the plant will save as much money as you spent on acquiring the plant within 4-5 years.

That varies from home to home (or business to business) based on energy usage, solar exposure, and the size of the building, alongside a few other factors. For a quick estimation of your particular need, check out our Solar Calculator. For a more exact estimate, call 87 57 or +374 10 44 00 55.

Yes! You can eliminate or significantly reduce your expenses. Installing solar panels reduces your electricity bill to 0 and protects you from future electricity price increases. Along with lowering your electricity bill to 0, you will start selling the electricity you produce—excess energy to the grid with a certain income at the end of the year.

SolarOn solar panels are manufactured using European technologies, undergo quadruple testing during production, which excludes the presence of spoilage, tend to low degradation, and are designed to last for 30 years or more.

Regardless of weather conditions, SolarOn solar panels produce energy. Depending on weather conditions, the amount of electricity produced may vary. And in general, panels can produce energy even when there is no sun.

The design of solar plants requires a complex professional approach; our specialists can approach, measure, and make a precise project of a solar plant. The service is free.