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Design and Calculation

The key factors ensuring the successful implementation of solar systems are precise calculations and due project preparation. Our team of highly qualified professionals is ready to fully assist you in designing your solar power project. We always consider your individual needs and unique requirements. As a result of this analysis, we choose the most advantageous solutions.

Installation and Maintenance

Based on personal experiences, we deliver top-tier assistance throughout the entire process of installing and operating solar systems. Our team ensures the due execution of each stage within a short timeframe.
When necessary, our engineers are available to conduct site visits to the installation location. Their goal is to ensure that all equipment and components are properly installed. This approach guarantees that our customers are completely satisfied with the final outcomes, and the system functions duly.


Solaron offers a 12-year warranty for the manufactured panels, which are designed to have a lifespan of 25 years. Within this 12-year period, we are fully prepared to replace any panels with brand-new ones if their performance falls below the accepted standards.


Our commitment to customer success doesn’t end with a sale. We are always ready to assist our customers, providing the necessary information and expert consultation on our products and services. Please, don’t hesitate to send us your inquiries, and we’ll be glad to offer you comprehensive consultations on any topic of interest.


We conduct training courses for both our partners and prospective customers. Our objective is to educate participants about the latest trends in renewable energy, as well as introduce new products and solutions. The training goes beyond theoretical materials, incorporating hands-on practical exercises. These informative sessions are provided by experienced professionals in the field.


Our advanced monitoring system, supplied by reputable vendors, guarantees 24/7 surveillance of customers’ solar energy setups. This enables swift identification and resolution of any
Moreover, we provide our customers with an intuitive web and mobile application, empowering them to independently take control of their systems.

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