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Solar Power for Your Home

At Solaron, we take great pride in being Armenia’s 1st solar panel manufacturer dedicated to bringing sun power to every home and apartment in our country. We understand the unique needs of homeowners and are committed to helping You embrace a greener and more sustainable future. Our cutting-edge technology and personalized solutions have empowered homeowners to make a positive environmental impact while enjoying significant cost savings on their energy bills. Homeowners from every region of Armenia have placed their trust in Solaron and confidently installed solar power stations, getting the remarkable benefits of renewable solar energy.

As a homeowner, you can count on Solaron’s personalized approach, guiding you through every step of the solar installation process, making it easy and hassle-free. 


Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Your Home

Clean and Renewable Energy

By converting sunlight into electricity, solar panels provide a clean energy source that produces zero emissions and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. Additionally, the use of solar panels helps combat climate change and promotes environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions associated with traditional energy generation methods.

Energy Cost Savings

Solar panels allow homeowners to generate their electricity, reducing dependence on traditional power grids and lowering monthly energy bills. By producing your electricity, you can protect yourself from rising utility rates and achieve long-term cost savings.

Return on Investment

Installing solar panels is an investment that pays dividends over time. Not only do you save on energy bills, but solar panel systems often generate surplus electricity. Through net metering, you can sell excess power back to the grid, further offsetting the initial investment and providing a return on your solar investment.

Energy Independence

Solar panels grant you the freedom to become more self-reliant when it comes to electricity. Generating your power enables you to become less dependent on external energy sources and potential energy shortages.

Diverse Applications

Solar energy can be used for various purposes beyond electricity generation. It can be used to heat water, power outdoor lighting, charge electric vehicles, and more.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels are built to last. With no moving parts, they require minimal maintenance, making them highly reliable and cost-effective. Most solar panels come with extensive 25+ years warranties.


There are special loans available through the state support program for energy-efficient renovation works. These loans are subsidized, and the interest rates offered by banks to individuals vary depending on the location of the property being renovated.

Properties undergoing renovation:

  • In the border or high mountain areas are eligible for a 0% interest rate.
  • In rural settlements that are not border settlements qualify for a 3% interest rate.

  • In urban settlements that are not border settlements are eligible for a 4% interest rate.

  • In Yerevan, are eligible for a 6% interest rate.

Understanding How Solar Panels Work


Solar PV panels harness the power of sunlight, enabling the silicon cells within the panels to convert the sunlight into electrical energy in the form of direct current (DC) electricity.


The DC electricity generated by the solar PV panels is transformed into alternating current (AC) electricity through the use of an inverter. This conversion process enables homes and businesses to utilize electricity effectively.


Surplus electricity generated can be either stored in a battery for later use or fed back into the power grid, ensuring efficient utilization and minimizing waste.


If the electricity generated by your solar panels is insufficient for your power needs, you have the option to draw additional electricity from the grid to meet your energy requirements.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels in Your Home

Installing solar panels in your home is a significant decision that can bring numerous benefits, however, before proceeding with the installation, 

it is important to consider several key factors to ensure it is the right choice for your specific circumstances. 

Here are some important factors to consider before installing solar panels in your home:

1.Solar panels require direct sunlight to generate optimal electricity. Factors such as shading from nearby buildings, trees, or other obstructions can impact the efficiency of your solar panels. Consult with a professional to determine if your location receives sufficient sunlight.

Assess the condition, orientation, and size of your roof. Solar panels are typically installed on rooftops, so it is crucial to ensure that your roof is structurally sound and can support the weight of the solar panels. Additionally, the roof’s orientation and slope should be suitable for maximizing solar energy production. South-facing roofs with minimal shading tend to be the most ideal.

1.Evaluate your current energy consumption. Review your energy bills to understand your average monthly electricity usage. This analysis will help determine the size and number of solar panels needed to meet your energy requirements. Consider future changes in energy usage, such as purchasing electric vehicles or adding energy-intensive appliances, to ensure your solar panel system can accommodate future needs.

Understand the maintenance requirements and warranties associated with solar panels. While solar panels are generally low-maintenance, they may require occasional cleaning and inspections.

Consider consulting with Solaron reputable experts as they can assess your property, provide accurate estimates, address any concerns or questions, and guide you through the entire installation process.

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Monitoring Your Home Solar System

By actively monitoring your home solar system, you can ensure that it operates at its highest potential, detect any performance issues early on, and make informed decisions to optimize its energy production.

The following benefits are available through our solar monitoring system:

Real-Time Performance Tracking​

Keep a close eye on the real-time performance of your solar system. Utilize tools that offer detailed insights into your system’s energy production, allowing you to track it against expected or desired output.

Remote Monitoring

Take advantage of remote monitoring capabilities. Our monitoring system allow you to access real-time data and system performance from anywhere using mobile apps or web portals. This remote accessibility empowers you to monitor your solar system’s performance conveniently and make informed decisions even when you are away from home.

Detailed Reporting

Utilize reporting features provided by your monitoring system. Review and analyze detailed reports on energy production, system efficiency, and overall performance regularly. These reports can provide valuable insights into long-term system health, helping you identify any gradual decline in performance or efficiency.

Professional Assistance

Consider consulting with solar system professionals or technicians to analyze the monitoring data and provide expert advice. They can help interpret complex performance metrics, identify optimization opportunities, and suggest system adjustments to improve overall efficiency.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The production of electricity in photovoltaic plants depends on the degree of illumination. At night, even in the absence of sunlight, electricity can be generated from various light sources such as street lights or the moon, but the output is very small. During fog, electricity is also produced, but again in negligible amounts.

If the solar panels become dirty, they can be cleaned with distilled water and a soft microfiber cloth. It is not recommended to clean the hot panels under the sun. It is not necessary to clean the panels from the layer of snow because, in a short time, they will be covered with snow again. As a rule, the panel needs to be cleaned at most once a year.)

A 1kW photovoltaic plant occupies an average of 5-7 square meters. In the case of large plants, a certain distance between rows of photovoltaic panels is also planned, which should also be taken into account when choosing an area.

The work depends on the volume, the period is approximately 10-15 days

Actually, solar plants are absolutely safe, but they are electrical after all, and to avoid problems arising from outages, it is recommended that the plant be completely switched off.

No, it doesn’t require, the only process is to change the normal meter, which is simply replaced by a two-way meter.

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