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Artur Alaverdyan

Co-founder of Solaron

Artur Alaverdyan is an engineer-physicist, manager, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and high tech investor. With a degree from National Research Nuclear University, an ExMBA in Strategic Management, and degrees from École Polytechnique and Rotterdam Universities, Artur has been running successful businesses in various corners of the world for more than 2 decades.
Having spent a large part of his life abroad, Artur Alaverdyan returned to Armenia in the 2000s determined to have an impact on the development of the country, Since then he has been investing and running successful ventures in the fields of recreational development and production of renewable energy sources. “Now is the high time for the 4th industrial revolution. And one of the main driving forces of it is going to be solar energy”. With this belief, Artur Alaverdyan founded SolarOn – the first solar panel production company in Armenia.

Artur Alaverdyan is also the owner and chairman of ProfHolod – a producer of insulated panels with PIR Premier fireproof polyisocyanurate and PUR Classic polyurethane foam cores. The firm is the largest manufacturer and the leader of the EURASEC market in its segment.

Artur is the co-Founder, Member of the Board – FAST Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology, Member of the Board of Trustees of Arar Foundation, and a co-initiator of FUTURE ARMENIAN public initiative. Throughout his professional life, Artur has had his contributions either as a founder, member of the board, and/or chairman for organizations such as PU Europe, NAPPAN, Ayb Educational Foundation, and many others. His current key interests are focused on alternative energy, impact investing, and innovation.

Vahe Sharafian

Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer of Solaron

Vahe Sharafian is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Solaron, a pioneering solar panel company based in Armenia. Vahe has been instrumental in promoting innovation, sustainability, and technological advancement in the industry.

Vahe Sharafyan’s path to sustainable energy began with his academic work. Graduated from YSU Faculty of Physics with a degree in theoretical and mathematical physics. Then he studied at the graduate school of the prestigious National Research Nuclear University MEPhI with a degree in Physics and Technology of High Energy Accelerators. For a long time he worked at the Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow and YerPhI in Yerevan (now the Alikhanyan laboratory). He has a number of publications in the field of the theory of high-current charged particle beams and accelerator physics, published in scientific journals of the USSR, Russia, and abroad.

Prior to founding Solaron, Vahe Sharafyan held the key position of Technical Director of ProfHolod, a globally recognized manufacturer of sandwich panels using advanced materials such as polyurethane foam and polyisocyanurate. During his work at ProfHolod, Vahe used his knowledge in the field of theoretical physics, which contributed to the optimization of project calculations based on the strength characteristics of sandwich panels, compiled an extensive catalog of technical solutions and building units using sandwich panels. Organized a production laboratory to determine the physical characteristics of the panels.

As the technical director of Solaron, Vahe Sharafian strives in every possible way to introduce advanced technologies in the production of solar panels. He seeks to diversify the company’s products and conducts research on the integration of solar panels into building structures. His years of dedicated research and experimentation have led to the introduction of a number of new product types into the Solaron product portfolio.

Vrezh Manvelyan

Executive Director

Vrezh Manvelyan has been the Executive Director of Solaron, a leading Armenian solar panel manufacturer, since 2012. Prior to this role, he served as CEO in various sectors, including the hospitality industry at Park Resort Aghveran, and held top positions in the construction and finance sectors. Under his guidance, Solaron has consistently surpassed targets in environmental impact, making a substantial contribution to the development of a sustainable future for Armenia.

Vrezh Manvelyan’s strategic vision and operational expertise have played key roles in Solaron’s growth. During his tenure, the company has not only enhanced its operations and expanded its product accessibility geographically,  but it has also diversified its product portfolio to encompass both standardized and tailor-made offerings.